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Design & Fabrication of Material Handling Systems

Material Handling

Design & Fabrication of Material Handling Systems

We know conveyors and have designed and manufactured conveyors and conveyor systems for numerous varied applications. We have the products and the organizational capability to provide conveyors and material handling solutions from simple belt conveyors and roller conveyors through to complex integrated conveyor systems including: overhead conveyors, power & free conveyors, inverted chain conveyors, floor conveyors, tote and unit load conveyors, line-shaft conveyors, ZLP conveyors, accumulation conveyors, pallet handling conveyors, incline belt conveyors and curved and spiral conveyors. All our conveyors are manufactured in CEMA & DIN precise quality standards and are designed with the customers individual requirements in mind using the latest 3D CAD software packages. Conveyor control systems’ architecture and software is done by our in house conveyor control systems engineers and programmers. Installation and commissioning of our conveyors can be undertaken by our highly trained team of site technicians.

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